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"I love it, I love it, I love it! Amazed at how you manage to get so many factors, stories, issues, feelings, society problems, human connections and so much more within a bare 12 minutes!" 

"The film is a thought provoking and concise expression of the failures, and hopeful potential of human connection. Congratulations." 

"I was genuinely moved. It's so hard to create characters, narrative and emotion in such a short time."

"I love Two Strangers! It has such a lightness of touch and maturity both in the writing, directing and editing. It looks stunning as well." 

Press info is available to download by clicking on the below

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"Superb. Very touching and both leads give great performances."

"Bravo! A wonderful piece of storytelling, in such a neat format that is very moving and truthful."

"Meaningful, but not didactic. Lyrical, yet direct. Complex, but clear."

"I fought back the tears. I fought hard. What an amazing piece of work."

"A wonderful, touching short film. Haunting somehow. Your mind starts to fill the spaces."

"Twelve minutes of wonderful storytelling. Poignant, clever and touching."

"A perfectly formed, beautiful, heartening, short film."

"12 min, 12 seconds and not one minute wasted. Short story telling at its best."

"Blown away. I experienced so many different emotions in such a short time."

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